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As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, throughout our history, we have known the importance of technological development and innovating new solutions. We have always served the World’s leading and most desirable OEMs in the most demanding segments. Therefore, to be the partner worthy of the best, we need to be the best.

Since the 1960’s, we have gained a long experience from systematic and extensive research and development work. This is part of our everyday working culture. Research and development spans across our company in all levels of working and on every step of the way. Like our mission states, we want to bring true added value for all our partners’ products and services. Above all, we want to be the problem solver our customers need.  

The field of our industry is changing all the time.

The field of our industry is changing all the time. That is why Hydroline’s innovative team is constantly searching for solutions to the most current technological problems. We stay on top of the newest trends and proactively provide our customers information of the best possible solutions. As the leading and desired partner on the industry, we have turned our mindset already for the future and develop the solutions of tomorrow.

“Our mission is to be the dynamic problem solver able to generate true added value
for all of our partners’ products and services.”

Custom made hydraulic cylinders

Our custom made, fully tailored hydraulic cylinders are designed specifically to your needs.

As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we offer hydraulic cylinders and solutions to fit the needs of various different segments. Are you looking for a reliable partner in hydraulic cylinder design? Do you already know what you need but don’t know how to create it? Our team is here to help you!

All our customers are leading international operators and manufacturers in mining & construction, agriculture &  maintenance, load handling, forestry, hoisting, recycling, defense, energy and other industries. Our designers, R&D team and our manufacturing professionals are here to make sure your equipment are equipped with high-quality hydraulic cylinders that meet the newest technology.

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IoT & Connectivity

LEO is the intelligent and a unique solution for monitoring hydraulic cylinders and other linear actuators. 

For an OEM, LEO offers real time data about machine’s hydraulic cylinders’ and linear actuators’ pressure, cycles, movement and sliding distance which equals accurate information for your product development.

For your customer, with LEO, you can offer efficiency monitoring and optimizing. Machine training for the right way of handling your equipment the best possible way. Also, the user will gain data from wrong kind of usage and real time information of the machine’s condition.

In addition, you’ll find help in efficiency monitoring and optimizing. Also, post-problem data access helps you in root cause analyses on field claims, accidents or any kind of failures.

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Coating solutions with Savroc TripleHard® Chrome 

TripleHard® Chrome by Savroc is an environmentally safe solution to replace hexavalent chrome coating. Trivalent based chrome process is acid-free and meets the current health and environmental regulations.

TripleHard provides +70% hardness and +50% wear resistance over Cr6. TripleHard® coated rods have been working in real operating conditions performing better than Cr6 in high-demanding applications.

According to various field tests, TripleHard®, is the best performing chrome coating on the market.

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Custom electric & electrohydraulic actuators

Electrification is not future anymore, it is today. That is why our offering includes fully tailored custom electric and electrohydraulic actuators.

Electromechanical actuators are fast, precise and energy efficient. Electromechanical actuators are often used in industrial applications such as robotics in automotive industry. With our partners we can manufacture actuators for applications requiring forces up to 200t and Stroke up to 6m.

Electrical actuator trends are driven above all environmental requirements, compatibility with monitoring tools and their energy efficiency. The loss of energy in electric actuators is up to 30% less than in hydraulic solutions.

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Manu Leinonen

VP Design and R&D


How our automated production line works


Value Stream 1 (VS1), our automated production line, is one of Hydroline’s most valuable assets. VS1 was launched in September 2019. It is a testament to Hydroline’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry where automation is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Friction welding at Hydroline


Friction welding is a solid-state welding process that uses frictional heat and pressure to join two metal components together. It is a versatile process that can be applied to a wide range of metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. The rods used at Hydroline are made of chrome-plated steel bars. Hydroline also has the possibility to weld stainless steel rods.

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing


Hydroline manufactures all the cylinders in-house in order to guarantee their reliability and compliance with the strict self-imposed parameters regulating the company policy. Starting all the way from design and engineering, we have tested and approved every single production step. Below are the manufacturers’ steps for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders as per the demand of the customers.

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