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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller. This phrase perfectly describes the long term partnership between Bronto Skylift and Hydroline.

Bronto Skylift has been safely lifting people working at heights for 50 years. As the name implies, they specialize in reliable, safe and customized aerial platforms solutions. The company has earned people’s trust through years of hard work, solid engineering, and long-term commitment to its customers. Bronto Skylift started its journey in 1972 in Tampere, southern Finland and since then has been providing reliable services as well as smart and safe aerial solutions around the world.

How did the collaboration begin?

The collaboration between Bronto Skylift and Hydroline began in the early 90’s, when Hydroline started providing hydraulic cylinders for their aerial platforms. In order to provide smart and safe solutions to the customers, Bronto Skylift always ensures that the products and materials going into the machines are both reliable and sustainable. Hydraulic cylinders play an important role in aerial machines as they are the muscles of the machine, allowing for effortless movement and facilitating the work of the machine operators.

…and the partnership grew stronger!

Collaboration between two companies is more than a process of buying and selling products and services. 2014 was the turning point of this partnership when one of Bronto’s suppliers could not deliver extension cylinders owning to unanticipated challenges. This disrupted the delivery of extension cylinders completely, affecting Bronto’s production line. The management of Bronto Skylift was contemplating the next steps and the best possible solution, and this is where Hydroline came to the big picture.

When Bronto Skylift approached Hydroline for an urgent supply of extension cylinders, Hydroline was naturally up for it. The project was challenging but interesting. The discussions began, the needs were determined, and the decision was reached. Hydroline purchased the machines from the former supplier of Bronto Skylift and relocated them to their Vuorela facility. The ramp-up was swift, and the serial production of cylinders started in 3-4 months from the first contact. The project was intense, however, Hydroline’s extensive experience with rapid production ramp-ups and outsourcing projects helped in getting the new products quickly into serial manufacturing. The trust that the successful project built between the two companies was long lasting and promotes further growth together.

Furthermore, the cooperation with the Hydroline Services Business Unit expanded the partnership. Our Services Unit is now assisting with the repairing as well as re-manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for Bronto Skylift machines.

What’s next?

Hydroline is currently working on new cylinders for Bronto’s next generation lifting equipment. Furthermore, Hydroline is in discussions with Bronto Skylift about expanding their partnership by offering their latest IoT solutions for their equipment. Hydroline’s LEO is one smart solution in which Bronto has expressed interest. LEO can be integrated directly into any machine’s own fleet control system. It can monitor multiple cylinders at once and let machine operators know in real time what the cylinders are experiencing. It offers its users an optimized and convenient solution, as well as various additional benefits.


Want to know more about our solutions?

Being a reliable manufacturer and supplier of custom hydraulic cylinders for our OEM partners means being able to provide smart, cost-effective solutions whenever a new challenge arises. Across the demanding industry segments in which we work, a new challenge can arise at any time. We have to be smart, fast, flexible, and leave no stone unturned.

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