From above ground to the deepest mining sites,
we make sure you can rely on your hydraulics.

When the job is done in harsh environments, your machines better work

With hydraulics there is no room for error. Machine operators must be able to trust that their machines keep them safe in the most demanding conditions. Impurities and intensive daily usage necessitate specially built hydraulic cylinders that can withstand the pressure exerted on it. Hydroline’s hydraulic cylinders for mining and construction are designed and manufactured to help operators work worry-free.

Rock solid solutions

Many of the world’s most significant resources are found deep underground. Hydroline offers a versatile range of mining & construction hydraulic cylinders that are designed to operate in those harsh environments. Cylinders, particularly in mining applications, need to be reliable and handle high static and dynamic forces. In addition, the cylinders must be acid proof and corrosion resistant.

Mining machines require a great deal of power to mine resources. Hydraulics is the most efficient and reliable tool for safe underground operations. We understand the harsh conditions that exist below the earth’s surface and we design and build customized cylinders to function reliably in these extreme environments.

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