Mining & Construction

We offer a versatile range of cylinders for mining and construction.

Rock solid solutions

Our cylinders work under extreme conditions. Especially in mining applications, cylinders need to be reliable and cope with high static and dynamic forces. Additionally, the cylinders need to be acid proof and corrosion resistant.

As we know, some of the world’s most important resources are found deep underground.

Machines working in mining conditions require a great amount of power to bring these resources into our use. The most efficient and reliable tool for safe underground operations is hydraulics. We understand the conditions below the surface and we know how much the cylinders need to take in these extreme environments.

The impurities and heavy usage day after day require a specifically designed hydraulic cylinder that can hold up the pressure put on it. Hydroline’s cylinders for mining equipment are designed and manufactured in a way that you do not need to worry.

The workers underground must be able to rely on their machinery.

Even in the hardest mining conditions, the workers must be able to trust their machinery and for it to keep them safe. When it comes to hydraulics, there is no room for errors deep underground.

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