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Our automated, fast and flexible production is truly world-class. We constantly develop our operations by listening to our customers and cooperating closely with our stakeholders. Beyond all else, we want to be the trusted, groundbreaking partner our customers truly need. We have always served the World’s leading and most desirable OEMs in the most demanding segments. And to be the partner worthy of the best, we need to be the best.

Customer satisfaction is our passion.

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What do we offer?


Our custom made, fully tailored hydraulic cylinders are designed specifically to your needs. As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we offer hydraulic cylinders and solutions to fit the needs of various different segments.


TripleHard® Chrome by Savroc is an environmentally safe solution to replace hexavalent chrome coating. Trivalent based chrome process is acid-free and meets the current health and environmental regulations.


Hydroline’s innovative and reliable R&D team constantly searches solutions to the most current technological problems. Looking for monitoring solutions for linear actuators? Read more!

What is Hydroline? Who are we?

Hydroline Oy designs and manufactures durable, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders and offers lifecycle services to them. Our automated, fast and flexible production is truly world-class. We constantly develop our machine base and operations to meet customer-specific-needs and remain leaders in the industry. Beyond all else, we want to be the trusted, groundbreaking partner our customers truly need.

In addition to the customized cylinders, Hydroline offers piston accumulators, system configurations, and versatile services such as repair and manufacturing services. The modern production facilities are located in Vuorela, Siilinjärvi (Finland) and in Stargard (Poland), where the production started in 2014. The core values of Hydroline are guiding its business strongly that are commitment, sustainability, interaction and people.

We have been a family-owned company throughout our history, since 1962.

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Manu Leinonen

VP design and R&D

Mikko Laakkonen

Chairman of the Board


7 steps to hydraulic cleanliness

14.04.2021 | Hydroline

Manufacturing hydraulic cylinders requires specific processes to prevent a cylinder from contributing failure to other system components. It is a common scenario that microscopic solid particles can cause a component failure for machinery using hydraulic systems. According to industry experts, contamination causes approximately 60% to 90% of all hydraulic system failures. The malfunction may be intermittent and requires extensive troubleshooting to identify the faulty component.

How to design a hydraulic cylinder?

17.02.2021 | hydroline

The hydraulic systems date back as far as over 4,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. They initially applied the principles of fluid hydraulic to the complicated canal systems used in watering. Other civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, used the same basic principles to develop water-powered structures and devices like the water clock and water wheels. Since then, the fluid power universe has become a little more complicated. Fluid power has been used for Centuries to create energy to generate movement and force.

Hydraulic oil cleanliness

17.03.2021 | Hydroline

The benefits derived from controlling contamination extend hydraulic fluids' service life. The hydraulic fluid plan aims to include more consistent hydraulic system performance, lower cost for fluid needed for replacement, less component wear, and reduced fluid disposal costs.

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Rekrytointi kesätöihin on avoinna / Recruitment for summer jobs is open

28.03.2021 | Hydroline

Haluatko olla osa tehokasta porukkaa ja työskennellä modernissa tehdasympäristössä? Innostutko teknologiateollisuuden tuotannon tehtävistä ja kaipaat kokemusta alalta? Rekrytointi kesätöihin Vuorelan tehtaallemme on nyt avoinna!

Hydroline and Motiomax will be the first in Finland to bring electromechanical cylinders to mobile work machines in late 2020

25.11.2020 | Hydroline

The project partners are Hydroline Oy, Finland's leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, and Motiomax Oy, a Finnish supplier of electromechanical motion systems. At the beginning of the collaboration, Motiomax focuses on design and product development as Hydroline is responsible for series production. According to market research, work machines will be electrified at an accelerating pace in the future as part of larger, technologically advanced intelligent entities. The global market potential is EUR 13 billion.

Hydroline’s CEO Mikko Laakkonen takes over the position as Chairman of the Board

24.10.2020 | Hydroline

The family-owned company Hydroline, is getting a new CEO. Mikko Laakkonen, who has held the position from 2014, will take over as Hydroline’s Chairman of the Board on 1st November. Jussi Maksimainen, 42, Master of science in Production technology, will start as the company’s new CEO. Previous Chairman of the Board, Jukka Laakkonen, will continue as a member of the Board.