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Beyond all else, we want to be the trusted, groundbreaking partner our customers truly need.

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What do we offer?

hydraulic cylinder design

Are you looking for a reliable partner in hydraulic cylinder designing? Do you already know what you need but need a reliable partner? Our design and R&D team is here to help you!

hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

Looking for a trusted partner for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing? We are always available to our customer, regardless of their geographical location.

hydraulic cylinder maintenance

We also offer cost-effective and sustainable maintenance services for hydraulic cylinders. Hydroline Services repairs and maintains all hydraulic cylinders despite the original manufacturer.


Hydroline and Motiomax will be the first in Finland to bring electromechanical cylinders to mobile work machines in late 2020

25.11.2020 | Hydroline

The project partners are Hydroline Oy, Finland's leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, and Motiomax Oy, a Finnish supplier of electromechanical motion systems. At the beginning of the collaboration, Motiomax focuses on design and product development as Hydroline is responsible for series production. According to market research, work machines will be electrified at an accelerating pace in the future as part of larger, technologically advanced intelligent entities. The global market potential is EUR 13 billion.

Hydroline takes part in #Suojapaikka-campaign

27.10.2020 | Hydroline

This year we all have had to adapt to a new normal. We at Hydroline are taking part in the #Suojapaikka -campaign because protecting and providing a shelter (Suojapaikka) for all our employees is of the highest priority in the current state of Coronavirus.

Hydroline’s CEO Mikko Laakkonen takes over the position as Chairman of the Board

24.10.2020 | Hydroline

The family-owned company Hydroline, is getting a new CEO. Mikko Laakkonen, who has held the position from 2014, will take over as Hydroline’s Chairman of the Board on 1st November. Jussi Maksimainen, 42, Master of science in Production technology, will start as the company’s new CEO. Previous Chairman of the Board, Jukka Laakkonen, will continue as a member of the Board.

What is

Hydroline Oy designs and manufactures durable, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders and offers lifecycle services to them. Our automated, fast and flexible production is truly world-class. We constantly develop our machine base and operations to meet customer-specific-needs and remain leaders in the industry. Beyond all else, we want to be the trusted, groundbreaking partner our customers truly need.

In addition to the customized cylinders, Hydroline offers piston accumulators, system configurations, and versatile services such as repair and manufacturing services. The modern production facilities are located in Vuorela, Siilinjärvi (Finland) and in Stargard (Poland), where the production started in 2014. The core values of Hydroline are guiding its business strongly that are commitment, sustainability, interaction and people.


Gravimetric analysis in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

01.06.2020 | hydroline

Cleanliness can be monitored and measured with many different ways and in this text, we will be telling you about our gravimetric analysis: the analysis is a method used in analytical chemistry for quantitative determination of an analyte based on its mass. To put simply; our expert compares a clean membrane mass to a membrane that has been used for filtering the washing liquid. Any particles and mass that are found are photographed, measured and documented into a report. At Hydroline, the gravimetric analysis is conducted to randomly selected parts and components.

Friction welding

08.11.2019 | Hydroline

In friction welding, two components are rubber together at a controlled rotational speed. Although the term welding is used to define the process, it actually has no resemblance to conventional welding as there is not filler material involved. The other component stays on place and the other one is rotated as the components are brought together. When pressing the components together, this creates the fiction and the heat that allows both components to reach a plastic state and be forged together. Rotation is stopped and after that, some extra pressure is applied to the joint. With friction welding, a 100% welded, forged quality bond is achieved. As a final step, the machine removes the extra flash by lathing.

Fully automated production line - the future of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

21.10.2019 | hydroline

The project kicked off already in 2017 when Hydroline received a significant funding for growth and capacity increase in both factories. The market prospects showed extremely positive forecasts and Hydroline needed to make big steps towards international growth. The project for the automated line really kicked off in the beginning of 2018 when the careful design, calculations and simulations were implemented, soon after that we ordered the key machines – robot systems etc. – for the line.

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Manu Leinonen

VP design and R&D

Mikko Laakkonen

Chairman of the Board