Code of Conduct

Our company’s guiding principles

Anyone wishing to do business with Hydroline must adhere to the principles outlined in the Hydroline’s Code of Conduct in order to build a long and trusted partnership.

The Code of Conduct represents the values and principles of Hydroline Oy. By adhering to these guidelines, together we can ensure that our direct and indirect business operations are ethical and sustainable.

All Hydroline Oy personnel are expected to be law-abiding, unwavering professionals with high ethical standards. The Hydroline stakeholders must share similar values. Within these beliefs and precepts, Hydroline customers and suppliers are expected to build a trustworthy and reliable partnership.

Our values

Hydroline core values serve as the foundation for all of our operations. These principles are manifested in our daily actions, serving as guidelines for our management as well as leading us on our journey to worldwide success.


who are behind all of our expertise


internally and externally, with all stakeholders


to identifying and meeting our customer’s needs


in operational planning and building partnerships

Customer and Supplier relationship

Hydroline has the utmost regard for its customers. We strive to be the best possible partner in every business partnership, and our supplier enables us to achieve this goal.

Hydrolines’ customers are the reason the company continues to exist. One of our most important goals is to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with leading manufacturers around the world. Our mission is to be a dynamic problem-solver able to generate true added value for all of our partners’ products and services. This mission is reflected in our daily business operations and in every decision we make.

Our suppliers are an integral part of our supply chain, and we expect our suppliers to believe in the same values that we do at Hydroline. Our suppliers are chosen for their quality, price, service and reliability. Customers or suppliers are not selected or rejected based on personal relationships. We believe in fair competition and corporate legislation, which allows us to build the greatest network of worldwide operators.


Hydroline places a strong emphasis on its personnel’s wellbeing and follows a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace. These guidelines reflect a commitment to ethical practices and respect for human rights. By adhering to these principles, Hydroline demonstrates its dedication to creating a positive work environment for its employees and maintaining responsible business practices.


Hydroline is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free from discrimination. The company does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on factors such as religion, nationality, race sex, gender, age, etc. Harassment in any form, whether written, face-to-face, or electronics, is strictly prohibited.

Child labor

Hydroline takes a strong stance against child labor. The company ensures that all its employees fall within the age range specified by both Finnish and international legislation. Additionally, Hydroline refrains from forming business relationships with companies that support child labor knowingly.

Labor force

Hydroline abides by collective labor agreements and ensures that working hours, breaks, overtime, and payments align with the legal framework set in Finnish legislation or the relevant legislation in the destination country.


The company places a high priority on safety for both its own employees and those of its suppliers and customers. A safe work environment is crucial, and all parties involved are expected to adhere to local legislation and maintain appropriate working conditions.


Hydroline places a strong emphasis on maintaining fair and trustworthy business operations by adhering to guidelines and regulations, and obeying legislation. This commitment ensures that the company operates with transparency, integrity, and accountability in its economic, environmental, and social performance.

Hydroline is dedicated to complying with both national and international legislation and regulations in all aspects of its operations. This commitment demonstrates the company’s responsibility towards its stakeholders and the broader society.

Hydroline supports the following main international codes:

• United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

• International Labor Organization

• European Court of Human Rights


Confidentiality is a significant aspect of Hydroline’s operations. Both employees and partners are expected to respect and maintain the confidentiality of non-public information, unless authorized. This principle extends to suppliers, subcontractors, and customers who are entrusted with confidential information. Any kind of copying documents without permission from the company is not allowed.


Hydroline reserves the right to conduct informed audits of its suppliers. Audited companies are required to provide a representative with a declaration of conformity, indicating their alignment with Hydroline’s standards and guidelines.

Business conduct

Hydroline is committed to avoiding corruption and upholding fair and trustworthy business practices. The company’s policy is aligned with ethical standards and regulations to maintain a strong reputation and healthy business relationships.

Hydroline’s strict prohibition of bribery and donations that could influence business relationships demonstrates a commitment to integrity. Rejecting any attempts at material, monetary, or immaterial inducements helps safeguard against corruption. The company’s approach to offering meals and events to clients and suppliers is well-balanced. Setting limits that align with average business interactions ensures that these gestures are not mistaken for bribery or corruption.

Encouraging employees to report any suspicions of improper payments or gifts to their superiors fosters transparency and accountability. The emphasis on not trading or misusing information related to improper payments safeguards the integrity of the reporting process and maintains trust within the organization.

Acknowledging Finland’s participation in OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention and Hydroline’s commitment to following these rules reinforces the company’s dedication to global anti-corruption standards.


Hydroline’s commitment to ethical working, common trust, and respect in business foster a positive and responsible business environment. By emphasizing ethical behaviour, the company is building a foundation for sustainable success and maintaining a reputation of integrity.

Hydroline’s strict stance on not allowing personnel to accept bribes or gifts that could influence their actions or decisions aligns with the goal of ensuring fair and unbiased business operations. The same behaviour is expected from customers and suppliers of Hydroline.

All factors, such as quality, pricing, and service must be considered while making a decision. Personal connections are not a justification to create a business together, and personal feuds or agendas are not reasons to refuse one. If a personal relationship is an influencing factor, decision-making must be transferred to another personnel.

Hydroline adheres to both international and local business regulations. All commercial decisions must be made appropriately. Hydroline believes in free competition. Customers and suppliers are expected to do the same.

Establishing open communication with stakeholder groups, customers, and suppliers promotes transparency and builds trust. Trustworthy relationships built on mutual dialogue are essential for long-term success and collaboration.


Hydroline is committed to treating the environment with respect and care. As an industry pioneer, it is our responsibility to set an example.

Hydroline has agreed to follow local environmental rules. We make every effort to prevent pollution and environmental degradation, and we are continually searching for methods to minimize our emissions via our actions.

Hydroline providers and customers must adhere to international and national environmental regulations. Pollution and contempt for the environment are severely prohibited. If the local environmental legislation changes, it must be implemented quickly.

Hydroline supports its suppliers and customers in their efforts to find innovative methods to develop a more sustainable future. Hydroline’s business processes prioritize sustainable resources and ecologically responsible manufacturing.



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