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Being a reliable manufacturer and supplier for our OEM partners means being able to provide smart, cost-effective solutions whenever a new challenge arises. And across the demanding industry segments in which we work, a new challenge can arise at any time. We have to be smart, fast, flexible, and leave no stone unturned.

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Since the 1960s, we became an industry leader through our close work with the world’s leading off-highway heavy equipment OEMs. We have a diverse, talented team that understands their unique needs, and we are always ready to assist whenever they require our expertise. We also have a strong R&D focus that courses through every level of our work.

As our mission underscores, we strive to bring true added value to our partners’ products and services. Above all, we want to be the reliable problem solver that our customers need to succeed. The industries we serve are in a constant state of flux. That’s why we approach our work from two key angles. We have to solve the current daily challenges our customers face and we also have to innovate constantly and be aware of the newest technologies to give our partners a jump on solutions that will help propel them forward in the years ahead. Every company is looking for the “solutions of tomorrow”. But our job is to come up with them every day.

Our mission is to be the dynamic problem solver our OEM partners need to succeed and generate tangible added value for their products and services

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Manu Leinonen.

Manu Leinonen

VP Design and R&D

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