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Hydroline has garnered great respect over the years for its high-quality OEM-manufactured hydraulic cylinders. Yet it’s an achievement that runs deeper than the company’s reliable products and expert repair and remanufacturing services. It’s also a reflection of our people and our values.

Hydroline stands out not only because of our passion for machining and technology, but also because we are agile and have the ability to solve problems quickly and “make something out of nothing”. We believe that these strong, already recognisable principles are a solid foundation from which the brand can be strengthened and further developed.

Our global footprint includes a second manufacturing facility in Stargard, Poland. The completely new plant was built in 2019 and started operations in August 2019. Because of its proximity to Europe’s largest cities, Stargard is an ideal location for off-highway equipment manufacturers. Our brand new factory offers spacious and modern production facilities specially designed to meet our needs. By investing in our modern and automated machines, we increase our efficiency as well as work safety.


We are creative problem solvers and we have been since our humble, one-man machine shop began in 1960. Helge Laakkonen and his son Pekka’s courageous, collaborative nature live on in everything we do today. Their passionate leadership guides us as we design and build hydraulic cylinders and develop smart hydraulic innovations that power industry and keep the world moving.


Hydroline’s story begins in 1962, when the company was established by Helge Laakkonen. During its first years of business, the company provided different kind of lathing services.


About a decade after its establishment, the company manufactured its first hydraulic cylinders. This kicked off the road ahead which we still are on today.


After the company had found its calling, the growth really began. The company moved to Vuorela, Siilinjärvi, to larger production facilities. Here is where the company headquarters still remains today.


The last decade of the century was the time of rapid changes and Hydroline was not afraid to jump on the technology train. The company welcomed the first automated machines to the factory.


Hydroline grew to be the largest hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in Finland. Even though the times were not easy at the end of the decade, the company survived through the challenges as a winner.


As the customer base became more and more international, it was time for Hydroline to follow them. The company built a new production unit to Stargard, Poland.


Growing together with our partners, discovering the new possibilities of technology and heading towards the global markets. Though we are still at the beginning of the decade, we know our goals and work to reach them.

Are you interested in working in a growing, international company?

At Hydroline, you will have the freedom to gain experience and expertise in your area of work. We offer training opportunities, and challenges, that will help you grow personally and professionally. Check out our Careers page for more information about working at Hydroline and to view our open positions.

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