Hydroline LEO

Hydroline LEO – the World’s first and only intelligent tool for linear actuator monitoring.

Hydroline LEO is based on a patented technology and gives you the possibility for even more efficient, ecological and contented information about your machine. With LEO, you are able to bring the customer experience for the users of your machines to a whole another level. Previously, it was possible to gather data from cylinders, however there were no means to analyze the data and to actually use it for anything. That is why Hydroline developed LEO. The main and original idea of LEO is to follow the fatigue the cylinder is experiencing while in use and let the user know how much lifetime the cylinder has left.

As we have been developing LEO, it has become more than just a tool for predictive maintenance. Today, we are able to gather an incredible amount of data from a machine’s cylinders. With LEO, we can individualize the data and also analyze it. With LEO, you are able to monitor chamber pressures, cylinder position, operating temperature, oil cleanliness and GPS location of the machine. LEO data tells you everything you need to know about your machine’s cylinders.

LEO can be integrated directly to your machine’s own fleet control system. It can monitor multiple cylinders at once, telling the machine driver in real time what the cylinders are experiencing.

By monitoring the cylinders in real time and analyzing what the machine’s cylinders face on field, you are able to:

→ recognize maintenance needs and plan the downtime
→ r
ecognize stress points of a process
→ c
reate client profiles for designed insurance plans
→ p
rove reliability of machine components​ and train​ machine operators​.

The first and original purpose of LEO, to follow the fatigue and predict the remaining lifetime, offers multiple possibilities and advantages for both the OEM and the end user. A complete break down of a hydraulic cylinder on field might cost up to 50k€ an hour. With LEO, you are able to provide clear cost savings for your customer. Depending on the site, new spare part cylinders might not arrive very quickly. That is why planning the maintenance and replacement of the cylinders according to actual data is the key.

Predictive maintenance offers your customer:

→ Cost savings for machine downtime and a complete break down of hydraulic cylinders. 
→ Cost savings for handling spare part supply chain by forecasting. 
→ Cost savings for spare machines usage and maintaining.

Or why not offer your customer a full service agreement? With LEO as a part of your service agreements for your customer, you are able to increase the added value of your service. The possibility to analyzing the data from the cylinders offers your customer a possibility for learning and training as well as how to prepare for the future.

As LEO gives real time data for the driver, you are able to offer your customer the possibility to train how to optimize driving and usage of the machine. With optimal machine usage the work efficiency and environmental aspects are monitored and optimized. During warranty time the LEO’s data can also be checked if there is something wrong with machine use. Machine misuse and unexpected cylinder fault are huge safety risks with no limits for costs they might cause.

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LEO data – everything you need to know about your machine’s cylinders.

Benefits for the end user – an optimized and safer way to use your machine.


LEO: The predictive maintenance solution for hydraulic cylinders


Previously, it was possible to gather data from cylinders, however there were no means to analyse the data and to actually use it for anything. That is why Hydroline developed LEO. The data is collected from the cylinder with a LEO hardware (Scout) that is attached to the cylinder. One hardware can be attached up to 10 different cylinders or it can also be fitted to a fleet of machines with multiple cylinders. Cylinders need to have sensors – the minimum requirement is a pressure sensor that measures the pressure inside the cylinder.

How to utilize LEO's data


LEO, the predictive maintenance tool for hydraulic cylinders, is a system with which we are able to gather data from machine’s hydraulic cylinders. With the gathered data, we can produce information about the hydraulic cylinder’s activity and condition. To learn more about LEO, read our previous posts about it. In this blog we’ll tell you about how we are able to utilize it in different situations and how it can be used as a part of decision making.

Installation of LEO


On site, hydraulic cylinders face even the most harsh conditions and impurities which may cause cylinders to break. In order to avoid this, Hydroline has developed LEO, a system which can prevent your hydraulic cylinder from breaking down during work. This time we will tell a little bit about how LEO is installed and what is the installation project like. The commissioning of LEO is done with two or three steps, depending on the situation.

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