Mikko and James – Heart of Finnishness 2

At the end of 2020, we published the news about partnering with a Finnish electromechanical motion system supplier. As our industry is in constant change, it is not only our duty, but our willingness to lead the way of change from hydraulic linear motion to electromechanical linear motion. Heavy machinery has previously had basically no such electromechanical actuators which could work as replacements for hydraulic cylinders. The ultimate background for this is a megatrend for reducing the environmental impact. Displacing oil in cylinders completely with electromechanics, will reduce the environmental impact. In addition to eco-efficiency, cylinder maintenance will become easier and the weight of machines will be reduced.

This is why the second part of Mikko and James – Heart of Finnishness focuses on explaining the reasons behind our decision to start looking for ways to get rid of the use of oil. So… Take a break and tune in for an adventure through the Finnish winter. This time we dive even deeper to the heart of Finnishness. Travelling to the snowy forests of Savo, experiencing the Finnish winter as its coldest. We visit one of the most modern hydraulic cylinder factories in the World and discuss about the possibilities on our industry.


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