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Our global presence includes a second production plant in Stargard, Poland. The completely new factory was built during 2019 and the facilities were taken into use in August 2019. Stargard is an ideal location as it has fast connections to the biggest cities not only in Poland but also Germany and rest of the Europe. Our brand new factory offers spacious and modern production facilities that are designed specifically to our needs. We have invested to new, modern machines which will increase our efficiency and safety.

In Stargard: Low mix-high volume production. Our Stargard factory manufactures about 20 000 cylinders annually with 100 different items in production.

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

09.06.2021 | Hydroline

Hydroline manufactures all the cylinders in-house in order to guarantee their reliability and compliance with the strict self-imposed parameters regulating the company policy. Starting all the way from design and engineering, we have tested and approved every single production step. Below are the manufacturers’ steps for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders as per the demand of the customers.

TripleHard® coating solution by Savroc

16.05.2021 | Hydroline

Safety, environmental matters and sustainability should be in the core of all business operations. Making sure our personnel and our environment are safe and by making sustainable decisions, we are able to ensure the continuity of operations in the years and decades to come. Right now discontinuation of the usage of harmful hexavalent chromium is one of the main tasks of manufacturing industry.

Different types of hydraulic cylinders

28.04.2021 | Hydroline

here are several types of hydraulic cylinders that you may encounter. Hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in applications that move heavy loads and require a significant amount of force. Hydraulic cylinders are simple, durable, and create a massive amount more force than pneumatic, mechanical, or electrical systems. In comparison, a hydraulic pump has about ten times the power density of an electrical motor's similar size.

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