Code of conduct: the principles of our business

Anyone willing to do business with Hydroline must meet the principles in Hydroline’s Code of Conduct, in order to take steps towards a well-working and dependable relationship.

Hydroline Code of Conduct overview

The following Code of Conduct represents the values and principles of Hydroline Oy. By following these guidelines, together we can make sure our direct and indirect business operations are ethical and sustainable.

A law-abiding and uncompromising professionality as well as ethical behavior is expected from all employees of Hydroline Oy. These same values are to be shared by the stakeholders of Hydroline. The  customers and suppliers of Hydroline are expected to build up a trustworthy and reliable relationship within these values and precepts.

Anyone willing to do business with Hydroline must meet the principles in Hydroline’s Code of Conduct, in order to take steps towards a well-working and dependable relationship. The entire personnel of Hydroline has engaged to obey these principals and guidelines in every country we operate in.


Hydroline’s company values are the base for all our operations. These values are shown in our everyday actions and create the guidelines for our management and direct us in our journey towards international success.

People who are behind all of our expertise

Interaction internally and externally, with all stakeholders

Commitment to identifying and meeting our customer’s needs

Sustainability in operational planning and building partnerships


Hydroline respects its customers at the highest level. Being the best possbile partner is our goal in every single business relationship. Our suppliers make it possible for us to reach this goal.

Hydroline’s customers are the reason the company keeps on running. Building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with top manufacturers internationally is one of our most valued goals. Maintaining these relationships is extremely important. Our mission is to be a dynamic problem-solver able to generate true added value for all of our partners’ products and services. This mission can be seen in our everyday business operations and in every decision we make.

Our vision is to become the trusted resource and preferred partner in intelligent hydraulics solutions worldwide. We are constantly looking for new partners to work with.

Our suppliers are an integral part of our supply chain. We expect our suppliers to believe in the same values as we do at Hydroline and we choose our suppliers with care. Our suppliers are chosen because of their quality, price, service and reliability.

Any customers or suppliers are not chosen or rejected because of personal relationships. We believe in fair competition and business legislation that makes it possible for us to create the best network of international operators.


People are our most valued asset. Without our personnel, we would not work. We take our personnel’s wellbeing seriously and we have set guidelines for our actions.

Not any kind of discrimination is allowed at Hydroline. Any action that can be seen discriminative, is taken seriously. We do not discriminate people based on their religion, nationality, race, sex, gender or age etc. and we treat all as equals. Any kind of harassment – written, face-to-face, electronic etc. – is not tolerated at Hydroline. We value diversity in all our operations and we want to guarantee our personnel a safe workplace without harassment.

Child labor
Hydroline does not support child labor in any of its actions. All Hydroline employees are in the age range set by the Finnish and international legislation. The company does not support child labor in its customer relationships and does not create business relationships with companies that knowingly support child labor in any of their operations.

Labor force
Hydroline follows the rules of collective labor agreements. The working hours, breaks and overtimes as well as payments are handled in the way that has been set in Finnish legislation or in the destination country’s legislation.

All suppliers and customers of Hydroline must ensure a safe work environment for their personnel. Any lack of keeping the work conditions safe is not allowed. The working conditions must meet the rules of the local legislation.


When we work within the guidelines and rules that have been set for us, we are able to maintain our business operations fair and trustworthy. Obeying the legislation is how we can ensure our commitment for others as well.

Hydroline has engaged to obey the national and international legislation and regulations in its operations. The transparency and integrity are valued in our economic, environmental and social performance and we follow the guidelines of national and international rules in these operations.

Hydroline supports the following main international codes:

  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • International Labor Organization
  • European Court of Human Rights


All Hydroline employees as well as the partners of Hydroline must respect the information given to them. Unless the information is public, it is expected to kept confidential unless otherwise advised. The suppliers, subcontractors and customers of Hydroline must ensure that the information they have been confided for them is not misused by their personnel. Any kind of copying of documents without permission from Hydroline is not allowed.


Hydroline is allowed to do beforehand informed audits for all of its suppliers. The audited company must send in a representative with a declaration of conformity.


Avoiding corruption is one of our most important missions. We guide our employees, directors and stakeholders towards fair and trustworthy business. We strongly judge all attempts of bribery and do not cooperate with companies that share such values.

All Hydroline employees are strictly forbidden to take or give any kind of bribery or donations that might affect the business relationship. Any attempt of material, monetary or immaterial good offered that might be seen as an effort to try to make an impact to business operations must be rejected.

Hydroline is allowed to offer its clients and suppliers meals and events etc. to support the already existing business relationship but these must meet the limits of an average and normal business relationship. These offered meals. events etc. must meet the limits where a third party cannot make an assumption of supposed corruption or bribery.

Hydroline does not make or accept any kind of improper payments. If there is a doubt that someone has offered or is willing to offer an improper payment or gift, this must be informed to one’s own superior. If you suspect someone giving or receiving such payments, it must be reported to the superior as well. All kind of transforming of information against improper payments is also forbidden. All Hydroline’s employees, suppliers and customers need to value the information given for them and it is not to be traded in any way.

Finland is a party of OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention and Hydroline follows these rules.


Hydroline believes in ethical working. Common trust and respect in business take us further than unethical behavior.

The personnel of Hydroline is not allowed to take any bribes that might have an affection of their working or their actions and decisions. The same is expected from the customers and suppliers of Hydroline. Any gifts that might be seen as an effort to influent to business operations, must be rejected.

In decision making, all aspects must be taken into account such as quality, price and service. Possible personal relationships are not a reason to start business operations together nor are personal feuds or agendas reasons to reject one. In case a personal relationship might be an influential aspect, the decision making must be transferred to another person.

Hydroline follows the international and local business legislation. All business decisions must be done correctly. Hydroline supports free competition. The same is expected from the suppliers and

An open communication with the stakeholder groups, customers and suppliers is important for Hydroline. The relationships are to be maintained trustworthy with mutual dialogue.


We treat environment with respect and care. Trasnferring and spreading environmentally friendly attitude is not only something we want to do. As an industry pioneer, it is our duty to be an example.

Hydroline has engaged to obey the local environmental laws. We give our effort in preventing the pollution and spoiling of the environment and with our actions we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our emissions.

The suppliers and customers of Hydroline must follow the guidelines of environmental legislation, both international and local. Any kind of pollution and disrespect towards the environment is strictly forbidden. In case the local environmental legislation changes, it needs to be taken into account immediately.

Hydroline supports its suppliers and customers that continuingly look for new ways to build more sustainable future. Sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing are important issues in Hydroline’s business operations.