Savroc TripleHard® chrome coating – revolutionizing sustainability and safety in manufacturing

In the era where an increasing amount of attention towards environmental responsibility, sustainability, safety, and financial prudence are at the forefront of business considerations, the manufacturing industry is face to face with a critical juncture. One significant concern is the use of hexavalent chromium (Cr6), a substance that has been a linchpin in creating hard chromium layers in various materials. However, the adverse environmental and health effects associated with Cr6 have led to a global shift towards more sustainable alternatives. One of these alternatives is Savroc’s TripleHard® coating which emerges as a transformative solution for Cr6, not only surpassing Cr6 in performance but also offering substantial financial benefits.

We at Hydroline are committed to environmentally-friendly practices, and that is why we have partnered with Savroc and have a strong trust in their TripleHard® coating solution. That is why we have been partnering with them since the beginning. It has been proven that their revolutionary technology outperforms Cr6 in terms of durability, safety, and environmental impact. That is why we believe that TripleHard® has the possibility of being the solution that eventually replaces Cr6.

What is TripleHard® coating technology?

TripleHard® technology relies on a trivalent electrolytic process that mirrors the infrastructure of Cr(VI). The process involves familiar steps such as degreasing, activation, optional nickel-plating, and chromium plating, each followed by a water rinsing step to prevent contamination.

Key considerations for the plating tank include materials like titanium, titanium with HDPE lining, or HDPE, as steel is prone to corrosion and contamination. Anodes made from graphite or Ti-MMO (Titanium-mixed metal oxide) can be used, offering flexibility in material choices. Unlike the Cr6 process, TripleHard® emits fewer harmful fumes, simplifying ventilation requirements and eliminating the need for extensive filtration.

Financial benefits of TripleHard®

  • Less maintenance breaks – higher production output:
    • TripleHard® minimizes maintenance breaks, leading to higher production output. Reduced downtime directly contributes to increased operational efficiency and improved financial returns.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance – cheaper base material:
    • The superior corrosion resistance of TripleHard® allows for the use of more cost-effective base materials. This not only cuts material costs but also aligns with financial goals without compromising quality.
  • Less exhaust air – cheaper ventilation system:
    • Reduced fumes in the TripleHard® process result in a simpler and less costly ventilation system compared to hexavalent processes, where extensive filtration is necessary.
  • Thinner coating – less material – less grinding:
    • TripleHard® enables thinner coatings, reducing material usage and associated grinding costs. This streamlined process enhances cost efficiency without sacrificing quality.
  • Less waste – less disposal fees:
    • The extended durability of TripleHard® significantly reduces waste generation, leading to lower disposal fees. This not only aligns with environmental goals but also contributes to tangible financial savings.
  • Lower friction – less compressed air & less CO2 emissions:
    • TripleHard®’s lower friction characteristics reduce the need for compressed air, subsequently lowering CO2 emissions. This dual benefit supports environmental sustainability while cutting operational costs.
  • REACH Compliant – no authorization fees:
    • Being REACH compliant, TripleHard® eliminates the need for authorization fees, streamlining the financial aspects of manufacturing and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Outshining in performance and safety

It has been proven that TripleHard® outshines Cr6 in terms of crystal structure, providing superior corrosion resistance and durability. In a mining conditions case study, TripleHard® cylinders demonstrated zero rust or corrosion after almost three years, compared to the frequent replacements needed with Cr6.

Safety is paramount, especially when considering the toxic chromic acids present in Cr6. TripleHard® not only offers a safer working environment by eliminating exposure to harmful substances but also extends the safe usage of critical components in the field.

Environmental impact

Choosing TripleHard® extends benefits beyond the financial realm. The reduction in waste and carbon footprint associated with longer-lasting components aligns with environmental expectations. Today, environmental responsibility isn’t just expected by end-users but is also becoming a decisive factor for investors and financiers favoring companies committed to sustainable practices.

A superior choice

Like studies show, Savroc’s TripleHard® technology represents a groundbreaking shift in manufacturing practices. As industries strive to balance sustainability, safety, and financial prosperity, TripleHard® emerges as a triple play, offering a superior alternative to Cr6, substantial financial benefits, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. In a world where responsible choices drive success, TripleHard® stands out as a beacon of innovation and responsible manufacturing.

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