Change in Hydroline’s Group Leadership Team structure


Hydroline is reorganizing its Group Leadership Team

Hydroline’s group leadership team is now consolidating its sales, marketing, and business development functions under the leadership of Mikko Laakkonen. The change is made to allow a more focused effort to develop the business as a whole and individual business cases and to secure faster reactivity to potential changes in the market. Thus, Hydroline can also in the future maintain its technological leadership, agility, and best-in-class quality levels.

Mikko Laakkonen will be having the title of Head of sales and business development. The change is taking place on the date of release . Mr. Gerton Maurix has resigned and is no longer employed by Hydroline Group. In the future, the Group Leadership Team will consist of Jan Mattlin, Jyrki Paavolainen, Jussi Maksimainen, Mikko Laakkonen, Tomi Savinainen, Anne Puttonen, and Manu Leinonen.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Mattlin
+358 40 508 6406
Mikko Laakkonen
+ 358 40 505 1625