A lookback to 2019

Wow, welcome new decade!

For a bit over a week now we have lived and worked on a new decade and we felt it would be a good time to take a brief look into the past. At Hydroline, 2019 was a year of new beginnings, successful projects and victories as well as search for growth, but at the same time it gave us some real challenges, opportunities to test our resources and to find some new ways of improving our operations. We started 2019 with such a rumble, however, at not always things go as expected. Well, let’s just say we learned a lot during 2019! We have started this new decade with motivation and courage, looking into the future with clear minds.

But let’s take a look at the highlights of 2019!

So, that was a brief list about the highlights and learnt things in 2019! Learning new skills and acquiring the future elements this new decade requires, is something we all need to see as a positive thing. By improving and looking forward we can stay in the competition and that truly is what we want to do.

For now, let’s give our thanks to the lessons we learned and the things we succeeded in 2019!


Completely new factory in Poland||1632| 

For starters, one the most significant things was the amazing project with our completely new factory in Poland. As we have stated earlier, in 2017 we received a significant funding and opportunity that provided us a possibility to start improving our facilities, machinery and level of automation. Many smaller but substantial things have been done before but building a completely new factory definitely is one of the most obvious ones. We have already written a blog post about the project. You can read the whole blog post here. The new factory is fully functioning and working already. We’ll keep you updated about this issue later on.|

A great experience: Bauma||2078| 

In April, we visited the World’s biggest and most remarkable exhibition in the field of construction machinery, Bauma. It truly was an experience to remember. We received such positive feedback, gained a lot of new important contacts and got a possibility to present our newest technological innovation, LEO, which received a lot of positive attention during the exhibition and of course afterwards, too. Before Bauma, we also presented our company and LEO at iVT Expo in Cologne on February. Being present on the smaller and more intimate exhibitions is truly an important experience as well.|

Record sales||2079| 

Even though we faced challenges, in the end of May, we celebrated record sales in our Vuorela factory. Yay! It is so easy to forget about the positive things and to stop and seize the moment, especially when it comes to business world, however, it is important to take look back and look at the things that were successful. When goals are reached, it brings a whole new energy boost and this is why we need to remember those moments of achievements.|

Sustainability and LEO||2080| 

Also, our maintenance business, Hydroline Services, has truly shown its potential and importance in its own field. Sustainability (which is one our values too) is not just a growing trend anymore, it has really left a footprint in the industry. Fixing the parts that a broken can be the most cost-effective and fastest way to get your work back on track. Our LEO plays a major role in planning the machine’s hydraulic cylinders’ maintenance accordingly and providing the user a possibility to avoid the expensive and time-consuming breaks on-site. Improving the lifecycle of heavy machinery and their components is an extremely important factor when it comes to environmental issues: the more we can utilize the materials we already have and fix the problems instead of always buying a new one, the more we can help our environment. Digitalization and automation have provided us completely new ways of improving the quality of work and equipment as well as the possibilities in monitoring the overall performance of machinery.|

Automation and new skills||1810| 

Talking about automation, one of the highlights of 2019 definitely was the project with our new fully automated production line for our Vuorela factory. We have already written a blog about the line and the benefits it offers in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing: you can read the whole blog here. Without understating the work of actual employees, the automation line also provides completely new kinds of career paths – not only at Hydroline but in so many companies as well. When working with robots and automation, completely new skills need to be learned and a machinist that used to run a CNC lathe, may now be an operator for a production line filled with robots working together.


New website and blog||1106| 

One of the things that can be seen clearly in our social media is obviously our completely renewed website along with this blog. It has been amazing to see just how much people are interested about hydraulic cylinders, sourcing, design and also generally about Hydroline and our processes and operations. We give you a huge thanks! We have so much information to share with you in the future: hard facts and informative texts, of course, but also things about Hydroline and its personnel.|