Technological innovation

The field of our industry is changing all the time and that’s why we need to come up with new solutions.

Hydroline’s innovative and reliable R&D team constantly searches solutions to the most current technological problems. We stay on top of the newest trends and proactively provide our customers information on how we are able to serve them and remain the best players in the industry. Even though we are a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we have turned our mindset ready for the future and develop the solutions of tomorrow.

We know that the digitalization has brought new challenges to hydraulics and the new possibilities need to be explored all the time. In November 2020 we announced cooperation with a Finnish electromechanical solutions supplier, Motiomax and together we are bringing electromechanical actuators to mobile work machines.

Do you have a technological, electromechanical or hydraulics related obstacle you need to solve? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Hydroline has developed the World’s first and only intelligent tool for hydraulic cylinder monitoring: LEO.

LEO gives you the possibility to provide even more efficient, ecological and contented service for your customers. With LEO, you are able to, for example,  recognize maintenance needs and plan the downtime​, recognize stress points of a process​, create client profiles for designed insurance plans​, prove reliability of machine components​ and train​ machine operators​.

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LEO: the predictive maintenance solution for hydraulic cylinders


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LEO: intelligente Lösung zur Datenerfassung und analyse für Hydraulikzylinder

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