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Coating solutions with Savroc TripleHard® – the World’s most durable coating for piston rods

TripleHard® Chrome by Savroc is an environmentally safe solution to replace hexavalent chrome coating. Trivalent based chrome process is acid-free and meets the current health and environmental regulations.

Our partnership with Savroc goes back to 2014. We are now ready to bring this unique solutions available for all applications. At Hydroline, we pay special attention in environmental issues in our manufacturing process. We have always been engaged in environmentally-friendly operations, maintaining the existing level of occupational health and safety. We comply with all applicable laws, decrees and regulations in everything we do. TripleHard® by Savroc meets these values and enables us and our customers’ safe and efficient workplace. 

TripleHard® chrome coating performance has been proven to be successful in various applications. This advantaged plating technology is already in industrial use and will replace toxic hexavalent chromium in the future.

Benefits of TripleHard®

  • High hardness
  • Low friction
  • Tough and strong
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good resistance against acids

TripleHard® does not contain toxic chromic acids that are harmful to the environment and people working in the plating process. It contains only REACH compliant chemicals and is therefore not only tough, but also a safe alternative for hexavalent chrome.

Other major benefits of TripleHard compared to traditional hexavalent chromium process:

  • Only REACH approved chemicals
  • No chromic acid and its dangerous fumes
  • No lead anodes
  • Cheaper waste water management
  • Cheaper air ventilation systems – No need for exhaust air purification as in hexavalent process
  • More power efficient
  • TripleHard® process has a better coverage and dissemination abilities
  • Existing plating infrastructure can be exploited

Coating solutions for different needs – surface treatment options



Corrosion & acid resistance
Superb for offshore & Mining
Chrome bath plating + heat treatment



Replaces HVOF, extra hard & sustainable
Cylinder stems & special parameters
Chrome bath plating


Good resistance
Safe / No chromic acid
Chrome bath / plating


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VP Design and R&D
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