New funding to support Hydroline’s growth and development

During the past years, Hydroline has strongly sought for growth and development and has now expanded and diversified its ownership base. In addition to current owners increasing their investments, the new Chairman of the Board, Jan Mattlin and Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) have joined as the new owners of the company.

As the market and order backlog have remained well and the demand continues to grow, both current owners and new investors have a great confidence in the company’s expertise, personnel and future prospects.

At the moment, the company has a large amount of new customers and products in a ramp-up phase and more have been scheduled for later. The technical capacity of Hydroline enables a much higher production, which in turn provides a solid base for development, strongly following the company’s growth strategy.

With the expansion of the ownership base, the composition of the company’s Board of Directors will also change. Jan Mattlin, who has solid experience from the engineering industry, will start as Hydroline’s Chairman of the Board. Mikko Laakkonen, the representative of Hydroline’s family owners, will continue as the company’s Vice Chairman of the Board.

“Hydroline is an example of a Finnish company that relies on strong competence and product development expertise. Utilizing this, the company is able to internationalize together with its customers, ” says Jan Mattlin, the new Chairman of the Board. “I have been involved in building a similar company to a leading position in the past, and I believe we can utilize those lessons learned in Hydroline’s case as well.”

”Expanding the ownership pool is a natural next step for the company’s strategy implementation. We are happy to get new expertise among our board and owners, which helps us to speed Hydroline’s long-term development plan”, says Mikko Laakkonen, the new Vice Chairman of the Board. “We warmly welcome Jan Mattlin and Tesi to join us, and are looking forward to the future as well as building our growth even more vigorously.”

Jan Mattlin, Chairman of the Board
+358 40 508 6406

Mikko Laakkonen, Vice Chairman of the Board
+358 40 505 1625

Jussi Maksimainen, CEO
+358 40 826 0871

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