Our policies

Our policies are the framework and constraint for our business within which everyone can strive for individual and collective success.

Sourcing policy

Hydroline’s way of practicing business is guided by the idea that every business action is based on a fair mode of operation and open-minded thinking where the safety and customers’ needs are in the centre of all our operations. We want to exploit our suppliers’ knowledge and experiences in developing our safety, quality and added value of our business operations.

With a relentless attitude towards improvement, we pursue on reducing our dead-weight to make it possible for us to increase our productivity and to lower our costs. We demand our partners to follow the same principles in their operations.

The most important sector in a good cooperation is an up-to-date and fact-based informing. Whether the problem lays in the product design or in the manufacturing process, we encourage to communicate about everything proactively.

Thomas Ekholm, VP Sourcing

Personnel and communications policy

The purpose of personnel and communication policy is to define the lines for how the values, principles and strategies are applied in practice in human resources management. Personnel policy sets the goals for the development and personnel planning of our organisation, knowledge management and our employees’ health and work safety matters.

Human resources management is long-term, systematic and goal-oriented support for the business. The parts of human resources are personnel planning and recruitments, developing of know-how and personnel, well-being at work and workplace safety, salary and rewarding, continuous improvement, operational guidelines, co-operation and corporate responsibility with its policies. Our operation’s principles and customer promises are respected in all our makings and they are assessed and observed regularly. The purpose of communication policy is to create framework and uniform guidelines for how we execute internal and external communication in our organization. The communication policy defines the principles, channels and responsibilities for communication.

Anne Puttonen, VP Human Resources

Quality policy

Our customers’ demands and expectations are the starting point of our design, therefore the quality that we give our customers guides our everyday operations. We monitor and measure the quality of our products and operations and we commit to continuous development of our working.

Mona Kauppinen, Quality assistant

Safety policy

Safety is in the core of all our operations. We provide a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. We avoid work accidents and work-related illnesses by removing risks at the working environment. By developing our safety, we increase our productivity and quality of working life.

Through measures to improve safety, we want to contribute in strengthening the culture of safety. Hydroline’s safety culture is built through the involvement of our staff in the development of occupational safety and daily work.

Jukka Korhonen, Health and Safety Representative